We often look for parking space when we stay at various hotels, at Ng eco homestay we provide our guests with the provision of parking space, which enables them to park their vehicles freely leaving behind the insecurities of their vehicles.

Bonfire always magical moment, it automatically turns your beautiful journey into a special one. Ng eco homestay enables our guests to leave behind the busy city life and spend time with their loved one under the warmth of bonfire.

Don't you always wonder who will look after your pets when you plan for a trip with your family and friends ? Isn't there any homestay which will take care of your pets? Ng eco homestay is a perfect place for your trip with our special pet care attention we provide allow our guests to bring their pets along with them, leaving their worries behind.

Hungry stomach often makes your trip messy, it is an ideal dream to have your own kitchen and cook your own traditional food. With our special provision to cook your own food , our guests can lose themselves in the kitchen and cook all the food they desire. Food you desire and place you visit makes an ideal combination for your journey.