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Situated in the heart of Sohra, surrounded with stunning landscapes and eye capturing valleys and canyons NG eco homestay is an ideal homestay which meets all your requirements when you visit Sohra, which was once known as the wettest place on earth an idea for its unreal sightseeing with the addition of Bangladesh border, situated on the lap of Sohra, NG eco homestay provides you wide option to visit unseen beauty of mother nature with surreal sightseeing places which promises to leave with an endless memories. Ng eco homestay is an ideal homestay that takes care of your pets and provides you your own kitchen where all your desired food blends with the beauty of Sohra leaving you with your beautiful journey that you seek with your family and friends.

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Homestay is an ideal choice when you plan to make a trip. Situated at Sohra, Ng Eco Homestay is an ideal place for your beautiful vacation or a trip that you plan with your family and friends.